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Yes we request you you please remove all the installed stuffs.

Just three things you have to install.




One by one install java, python and then datastax then you are done with the in stallation you can execute all cql in cassandra sql shell.

Python installation:

=> Run the file

=> Select install for all users or install just for me, click Next

=> You'll see it installs under the C:\Python27 folder, click Next

=> Click Next again for the 'Customize Python' step

=> Click Finish

=> Open Control Panel, then System

=> Click 'Advanced system settings' on the left

=> Click the 'Environment Variables' button

=> Under 'System variables' click the variable called 'Path' then the 'Edit' button.

=> choose to edit the User variables to just set python as a command prompt command for the current user) without deleting any other text, add C:\Python27; (include the semi-colon) to the beginning of the 'Variable value' and click OK.

=> Click OK on the 'Environment Variables' window.

Please refer the below video for datastax installation:

Inline image 1
Inline image 2

Please try and let us know if you face any issue.

We are eagerly waiting for your response.

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