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The Objective of question is to install Docker on test02 ( slave machine) and have an image ubuntu in it.

Please follow below steps :

1) Download garethr/docker module from puppet forge : puppet module install garethr-docker --version 5.3.0
2) Download stdlib module from puppet forge : puppet module install puppetlabs-stdlib --version 4.16.0
3) go to /etc/puppet/manifests/modules/site.pp file and include below content :

node ''
 include 'docker'
  image_tag => 'precise'

So in the above code, include'docker' does the install and then docker::image pulls the ubuntu precise image in test02 machine.

Incase if you are getting any errors here from the init.pp file, then add one more line in the script which is include 'stdlib'

Here are have downloaded stdlib and adding it in site.pp because some times there are dependencies with the downloading module.

This worked very fine at our end and with other learners too.




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