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Overriding is only for methods not to override a variable. What changes if you override a variable with another variable of the same type? If anything, the value and that can just be set anytime anyway, because it is a variable

Override in scala is for functions. I will give example for both the scenarios.

 example 1:

trait A {
  var a: Int = _

class B (a0: Int) extends A {
  a = a0


case class Student(name: String, var age: Int = 12)

object main extends App {
  val student = Student("priya")
  student.age = 25
  println(s"name: ${}, age: ${student.age}")

Override and inheritance example:

class Bank{  
        def getRateOfInterest()={
    class SBI extends Bank{  
        override def getRateOfInterest()={
    class ICICI extends Bank{  
        override def getRateOfInterest()={
    class AXIS extends Bank{  
        override def getRateOfInterest()={
    object MainObject{  
        def main(args:Array[String]){  
            var s=new SBI();  
            var i=new ICICI();  
            var a=new AXIS();  
            println("SBI Rate of Interest: "+s.getRateOfInterest());  
            println("ICICI Rate of Interest: "+i.getRateOfInterest());  
            println("AXIS Rate of Interest: "+a.getRateOfInterest());  


SBI Rate of Interest: 8
ICICI Rate of Interest: 7
AXIS Rate of Interest: 9


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On Wed, 15 Mar at 7:04 PM , Rapuvvadi <> wrote:

In Module 2 (oops concepts of scala), in slide 18, it is mentioned that super class methods and fields can be override in sub class. Can you give example?

I wrote this and i am getting error says, you can"t override a variable.

class test1 {
var i = 10
def disp = println(i)

class test2 extends test1{
override var i = 20
override def disp = println(i)

object test extends App{
var c = new test2

Error: varibale i cannot override a mutable variable i.

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