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Please follow the below steps to finish the complete Module 2 assignment. In this assignment you will do Jenkins related tasks from Jenkins UI and the last questions which is related to GIT, you will be doing it from Terminal of your vm.

1) For Developer_Compile , just put git link under " Source management " and save and and Build now.


2) This is for Developer_Code_Review

Step 1 : Put the git repository link under "Source Code Management "

Step 2 : Click on Build > Invoke Top level maven targets > enter this " -P metrics pmd:pmd " as shown in below screenshot 

Step 3 : Click on Post-build actions > select publish pmd analysis results > enter this " **/*.xml " as shown in below screenshot.

Step 4 : Save and build now


3) This is to create a branch in Git, enter below commands in your vm terminal :

First create your account in github and add those details in your Vm.

git config --global "Edueka"
git config --global

In the above 2 commands, Please use your username and your email instead of Edureka. You can verify whether you have entered right and they are registered or not with below command :

git config --list

The above command will show you all details.Now go ahead with below steps to 

git remote add origin <github url of your project>
git pull origin master
git checkout master
git branch develop 
git branch 

*The above command git branch will display the branches you have and it highlights to the current branch you are in 

git checkout -b develop
git push origin develop

* the above command finally pushes the branch to github and you can see over there. It will ask for your username and password as shown in screenshot.

You can refresh the github account and see the branch reflecting.


For Unit Test 

Step 1 :
Step 2

For Metrics_Check

Step 1 : Put the git repository link in Source code Management
Step 2 and Step 3 are shown below :


Once it is success, you can download the html reports from below location :




Step 1 : Put the git repository link in Source code Management

Step 2 and Step 3 are shown below :


This build will make a .war file and show it once it is success :


Pipeline can be created later, once all these are successfully build.