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I was enrolled in Data Science with R course. And now I am trying to complete its certification project. But I am not clear how to do 2nd step ('read machine log....') 

Please find the explanation below:
Machine log refers to the column 'content' present in the data set. In this step we need to separate the content column from the other columns present in the data set.


and 10th step ('finding idf') of the help document ('Project Details - NFL Dataset') available in LMS (attached here also). 

In the step-10 to find the term frequency you need to apply the function weightTfIdf on the Term document matrix.
Lets assume I have stored the Term Document Matrix in the variable dtm, use the below statement to find the term frequency and proceed further.
Command: dtm_tfxidf <- weightTfIdf(dtm) 
Command: inspect(dtm_tfxidf)

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