Dear Arshad,

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You might be receiving this error as the parameters HADOOP_CMD, HADOOP_STREAMING are not set.

To overcome this error,  please issue the below command in R command prompt of terminal.

Command: Sys.setenv(HADOOP_CMD="/path/to/hadoop/bin/hadoop")
Command: Sys.setenv(HADOOP_STREAMING="path/to/hadoop-streaming.jar")

E.g: In my system I have hadoop-1.2.0 installed in /home/user/hadoop-1.2.0 then the commands would be 


In my system I have hadoop-2.2.0 installed in /usr/lib/hadoop-2.2.0 then the commands would be 


Based on the version of hadoop installed on your system, set the above parameters in R and then try to run R-Hadoop comands.

If you are still facing the same issue, can you try by running the below simple  MR job in R and check if it is working fine.

ints = to.dfs(1:100)
calc = mapreduce(input = ints, map = function(k, v) cbind(v, 2*v))

Please try it and let me know if this works for you.

Waiting for your response.
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