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Topwords.csv that was generated consists of the words and their frequency. We need one more column that represents the cluster that particular word belongs to.

sunday 148 1
cowboys 105 1
night 103 1
game 85 1
redskins 84 1
@dallascowboys 51 2
@redskins 36 2
@sportscenter 36 2
the 22 2
romo 12 2

To achieve you can use a simply for loop that goes through each cluster and finding the top 5 words for each cluster as shown below:

 for( i in 1:10)
 y<-Corpus(VectorSource(x$V1[x$V2==i] ))
 tdm <- TermDocumentMatrix(y)
 m<- as.matrix(tdm)
 v<- sort(rowSums(m), decreasing = TRUE)

Try to generate the topwords.csv in this pattern and check.

Hope this helps you.

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