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Beeline is a command line interface of hiveserver2 a new launched product of hive.

In its original form, Apache Hive was a heavyweight command-line tool that accepted queries and executed them utilizing MapReduce. Later, the tool was split into a client-server model, in which HiveServer1 is the server (responsible for compiling and monitoring MapReduce jobs) and Hive CLI is the command-line interface (sends SQL to the server).
Recently, the Hive community introduced HiveServer2 which is an enhanced Hive server designed for multi-client concurrency and improved authentication that also provides better support for clients connecting through JDBC and ODBC.
Now HiveServer2, with Beeline as the command-line interface, is the recommended solution; HiveServer1 and Hive CLI are deprecated and the latter won’t even work with HiveServer2.

Please refer the below link which will give you a brief insight on beeline and its difference with hive.

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