Due to hive functionality in Edureka VM, if you are running sqoop command from /usr/lib/sqoop/bin then you must have to open hive shell from the same directory i.e open hive shell from   /usr/lib/sqoop/bin.

By doing this once you can access your hive table imported by using sqoop.

Please refer below example:
sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/abhiD --table table1 --username root -P -m 1 --hive-import

After running above sqoop command, I am opening hive shell from two directory i.e /home/edureka and  /usr/lib/sqoop/bin
Please refer below screen shot
1. Here I am opening Hive shell from /home/edureka 

2.  Here I am opening Hive shell from  /usr/lib/sqoop/bin

Hope this helps.