Dear Learner

We were trying to figure out the issue. We have now realized that the twitter streaming APi was not functional and due to which you will not be able to fetch the tweets. Now it is working fine. 

Please check the below link :

Also let me guide you how to attempt the project. You need to divide the project into two phases:

1) Get the details from the imdb website: Here you need to use the selenium package to get the source code as it is getting loaded through javascript. Once you have source code extract the names of all the celebrities born on that day.

2) Get the sentiment analysis of the celebrities: Here you need to use the "Twitter Sentiment" code available on the LMS which you would have gone through in one of the modules. Pass the names of the celebrities manually and get the sentiment of all the celebrities. 

3) Finally submit the project: As project please submit the below things:

  1. Source Code
  2. The Output of the details of the celebrities extracted
  3. Sentiment of all the celebrities in a word document 

I hope this helps and will resolve your query. Please let me know if you need nay further help.