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Hope you are doing great.

You get this error because if your vm is not shut down properly. This is simply a forced “checkdisk” error and you will get because some blocks were corrupted, the only way around this is to do manual “fsck” (filesystem check) as you can see lv_root has an issue.

Below are steps to follow :

1) Enter your root password and hit fsck
     As you can see the filesystem was modified and you need to reboot Linux
  * Almost Every time you need to run this TWICE before you are allowed to boot.
2) In case if you are getting un attached inode error when you run fsck , connect to /lost + found<y> ? . Please press " y " . You may get the same " unattached inode " error many times. So for every time it repeats you need to press "y".
3) This time lv_root has been fixed bu /dev/sda1 needs to be repaired, so run the step 1 once more after the fix
4) Do a final reboot by typing : exit 

Now  file systems are good again, and the system boots normally. Attached Screenshots 1 to 5 will show the step by step process.

Please try the above solution and let us know if it's working fine.