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Please follow below steps to create Jar from terminal

STEP 1. Compile main code. Fire below command

$ javac -classpath <hadooop-core.jar file> -d <Your New Directory>/ <sourceCode.java>

Meaning of this command :
*Its simply compile your Java source file that is sourceCode.java.
*Required <hadoop-core.jar file must contain all libraries mention in your source code. Here I suggest you some file version and their location address.

in this link at above you get download link. its name is hadoop-0.20.1-dev-core.jar.zip. Download it and extract it. It generate one 'jar' file. Which is Most Important while compiling. In above command <hadooop-core.jar file> file is this generated .jar file.

* -d option create a directory for you and store all class file into it.

STEP 2. Mapreduce code consist of three main component 1. Mapper class 2. Driver Class 3. Reducer Class.
so its focusable that we create one jar file which contains three component's class defination.

so fire below command to generate jar file.

$ jar -cvf <File you have to create> -C <Directory you have obtained in previous command> .

* Remember at the last dot '.' is must its stands for all contains.
* option -c for create new archive
  option -v for generate verbose output on standard output
  option -f for specify archive file name

for example..

$ javac -classpath hadoop-0.20.1-dev-core.jar -d LineCount/ LineCount.java : we create LineCount/ directory here.
$ jar -cvf LineCount.jar -C LineCount/ . : here LineCount.jar is our jar file which creating here and LineCount/ is my directory.