If you are using edureka vm, sqoop and flume is already installed in it. You need not to install these tools explicitly. You can run the commands directly.

To execute flume, follow below commands:

i) cd /usr/lib/flume-ng/apache-flume-1.4.0-bin/bin/

ii) ./flume-ng agent -n TwitterAgent -c conf -f /usr/lib/flume-ng/apache-flume-1.4.0-bin/conf/flume.conf

After sometime press ctrl + c to stop streaming the data. Go and check /user/flume/tweets on your HDFS, a flume file will be there which has streamed data.

Sqoop guide : https://edureka.wistia.com/medias/c1l2lcyilg/download?media_file_id=48186037

NOTE: Skip the installation of MySql part as MySql is installed in edureka vm.

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