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Relational databases and data warehouses, have been the primary way businesses and organizations have stored and analyzed their data. 
Semi-structured contains tags, markers, or some method for organizing the data.Unstructured data usually does not have a predefined data model or order. Organizations are finding that this unstructured data that is usually generated externally is just as critical as the structured internal data being stored in relational databases. External data about your products and services can be just as important as the data you collect.
With Semi-structured and unstructured data Organizations establishes some patterns in which data can be stored.

Examples of Patterns Derived from Social Media
-Detection of diseases or outbreaks
-Activity and growth patterns
-Probability of a heart attack or stroke
-Are you an alcoholic?

Organizations use of variety of different software tools to help them organize and manage unstructured data. These can include the following:
-Business intelligence software
-Data integration tools
-Document management systems
-Information management solutions
-Search and indexing tools

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