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This is to solve Edureka VM import error and to check which split file has been corrupted at the time of downloading

Step 1 : Go the link given below 


Step 2 : Check the md5 as per the screen-shot

Step 3 : Here is the md5 checksum of the 13 split files, Match them with your result, if some mismatch happens for a particular file you will be sure that the file has been corrupted.

Edureka_VM.ova.001 : 754e4e0d60d6bc75489ed664b852dd6c
Edureka_VM.ova.002 : 4446d40b2a9a5351c904c0e14a2eff94
Edureka_VM.ova.003 : c88e05440ba57d176867cf82865023de
Edureka_VM.ova.004 : cc4f4fce3d337449bb46497ccbd4a1e8
Edureka_VM.ova.005 : 81ed9c696417ab9a83fa2628f3c6ae5a
Edureka_VM.ova.006 : 853c47ef116f293f8562f214d0eae682
Edureka_VM.ova.007 : abdd83c8a66525221eba237d05f28f2a
Edureka_VM.ova.008 : ce555348653078f512dbe8e30722e4e1
Edureka_VM.ova.009 : fdbdbb2b01242891b63d0e1430f39ee9
Edureka_VM.ova.010 : 88467826cd7e6f8e9f9a791d93d1e28d
Edureka_VM.ova.011 : 97d505de2fb83b7e3cf718c7717f5a00
Edureka_VM.ova.012 : 25d57affde8c4b8af7794f61dcd1c867
Edureka_VM.ova.013 : a32939d1c3482987793ddbdab109773d

Step 4 : After identifying the corrupted file, re-download it and try again.

I think the issue will be resolved. Please update me on the same.