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The informatica developer is sometimes referred as ETL developer. 


He/she assists in the process of maintaining all the relevant sources of data and ensuring that it is being stored properly. 


He/she is involved in developing the ETL processes and is involved in designing and preparing the codes that meet the program specifications as well as the client requirements. 


He/she is involved in the effective implementation of these informatica programs, tests them, evaluates the requirements, addresses and resolves the issues associated with it, etc. 


Thus, he/she needs to handle a wide range of duties. The following points will enable you to get a more clear picture and help you to understand the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an informatica developer:


He/she is involved in coding, testing, implementing, debugging and documenting the complex programs.


He/she is involved in creating proper technical documentation in the work assignments.


He/she makes efforts to understand the business needs and designs programs and systems that match the complex business requirements and records all the specifications that are involved in the development and coding process.


He/she ensures that all the standard requirements have been met and is involved in performing the technical analysis.


He/she is responsible for assisting the project manager by compiling information from the current systems, analyzing the program requirements and ensuring that it meets the specified time requirements.


He/she resolves moderate problems associated with the designed programs and provides technical guidance on complex programming.


In addition to the above responsibilities, the informatica developer is also engaged in developing test plans so that the developed programs can be verified to ensure its applicability and smooth operation. 


He/she reviews these programs to ensure that high levels of quality are being met. He/she remains updated with the current technical trends so as to remain abreast with the ongoing and current industry standards. 


He/she is involved in testing the ETL modules, plans, deploys, and tests the ETL mappings, etc., to ensure that the clients remain satisfied. 


He/she is responsible for translating the functional requirements so as to meet the specified technical requirements. 


He/she is engaged in counseling the subordinates on applications of data cleansing, data analysis, data matching, etc. 


He/she resolves and escalates the issues in a timely fashion and helps in the supporting and maintenance activities. Thus, he/she needs to handle a wide range of tasks.


Essential Skills


The individual aspiring to become an informatica developer should be familiar and an expert in handling the ETL tools like Informatica. 


He/she should be able to demonstrate a constant and quick learning ability and should be flexible to adapt to the new developing technologies. 


He/she should be familiar with various software development practices and possess good analytical skills. He/she should have the ability to validate large volumes of data that is present in the different systems.



Excellent problem solving skills and the ability to handle pressure situations without compromising on quality are a must.


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