Dear Learner,

We have divided the Data science vm file into several smaller files. (15 Files ) 

Just Download these files one by one and then start the application. ie - hjsplit Uncompress the hjsplit file and run the hjsplit application. 

Download HJsplit :

Please download all the splits files of Edureka VM from the below links and place them in one folder.

File 1:-
File 2:-
File 3:-
File 4:-
File 5:-
File 6:-
File 7:-
File 8:-
File 9:-
File 10:-
File 11:-
File 12:-
File 13:-
File 14:-
File 15:-
Start the HJSplit application and click on Join, give it location of first file and Output file and it will merge all the files and create one single file. Now this single which got created you need to open it in Virtual Box.

Please feel free to revert if you need any further help.