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Cloudera CDH can be run on windows server, HDP is available as a native component on the windows server. A Windows-based Hadoop cluster can be deployed on Windows Azure through HDInsight Service. Cloudera has a proprietary management software Cloudera Manager, SQL query handling interface Impala, as well as Cloudera Search for easy and real-time access of products. Hortonworks has no proprietary software, uses Ambari for management and Stinger for handling queries, and Apache Solr for searches of data. Cloudera has a commercial license, while Hortonworks has open source license. 

Cloudera also allows the use of its open- source projects free of cost, but the package doesn’t include the management suite Cloudera Manager or any other proprietary software.

Cloudera as well as Hortonworks are both built upon the same core of Apache Hadoop. Both offer enterprise-ready Hadoop distributions. The distributions have stood the test of time as well as consumers, ensuring security and stability. Both have established communities that actively participate and help with the problems faced as well as demonstrations needed. Both distributions have master-slave architecture and have a shared-nothing computing framework. Both support MapReduce as well as YARN.

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