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In Edureka VM hive is configured with derby meta store and with default hive settings.

In default hive settings hive creates a new metastores when we start hive from a new location. Suppose we have logged into hive shell from home location and have created a table test as shown below:

Now if we will give show tables command in hive shell then test table will be displayed in the hive shell. Below is the screen shot:

Now, suppose i logged into hive from Desktop location and give show tables, then the test table will not be displayed in the hive shell. Please refer to the below screen shot:

This is because the meta store which was created at home location is not present at Desktop location.

This could be the error cause in your case, please try logging to hive from single location it will solve your issue.

I hope this resolves your query, let us know if you need any further help.