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Install rar/unrar in CentOS :

For CentOS 6 : Run the following commands

Step 1 : add the rar/unrar yum repository information

rpm -Uvh rpmforge-release-0.5.2-2.el6.rf.i686.rpm

Step 2 : Install rar/unrar

yum install rar unrar

Step 3 : Command for rar/unrar archive

# unrar x (file_name).rar                    extract with full path
# unrar e -kb (file_name).rar               (Keep broken)
# unrar l (file_name).rar                      list files inside
# unrar e (file_name).rar                     dump files excluding folders
# rar a (file_name).rar (file_name)       create a archive Rar file
# rar r (file_name).rar                         recover or fix a archive file or files
# rar a -p (file_name).rar                     create a archive Rar file with password

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