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Cloudera and Horton works both are the market leader in terms of Hadoop but it depends on your project requirement, which will be the best for you.

Cloudera has been here for the longest time since the creation of Hadoop but Hortonworks came later in the market. 

While Cloudera and Hortonworks are 100 percent open source.


Cloudera Inc. was founded by big data geniuses from Facebook, Google, Oracle and Yahoo in 2008. It was the first company to develop and distribute Apache Hadoop-based software and still has the largest user base with most number of clients. 

Although the core of the distribution is based on Apache Hadoop, it also provides a proprietary Cloudera Management Suite to automate the installation process and provide other services to enhance convenience of users which include reducing deployment time, displaying real time nodes’ count, etc.

Hortonworks, founded in 2011, has quickly emerged as one of the leading vendors of Hadoop. 

The distribution provides open source platform based on Apache Hadoop for analysing, storing and managing big data. Hortonworks is the only commercial vendor to distribute complete open source Apache Hadoop without additional proprietary software. 

Hortonworks’ distribution HDP2.0 can be directly downloaded from their website free of cost and is easy to install. 

Cloudera and Hortonworks: The Similarities

Cloudera as well as Hortonworks are both built upon the same core of Apache Hadoop. 

Both offer enterprise-ready Hadoop distributions. 

The distributions have stood the test of time as well as consumers, ensuring security and stability. 

Besides, they provide paid training and services to familiarize the newcomers treading the path of Big Data and Analytics.

Both have established communities that actively participate and help with the problems faced as well as demonstrations needed.

Both distributions have master-slave architecture.

Both have a shared-nothing computing framework.

Both support MapReduce as well as YARN.

Cloudera vs. Hortonworks: The Differences

Cloudera and Hortonworks differ in the following aspects:

Cloudera has announced that its long term goal is to become an “enterprise data hub,” thus diminishing the need of data warehouse. Hortonworks, on the other hand, remains firmly a provider of Hadoop distro, and has partnered with data warehousing company Teradata.

While Cloudera CDH can be run on windows server, HDP is available as a native component on the windows server. A Windows-based Hadoop cluster can be deployed on Windows Azure through HDInsight Service.

Cloudera has a proprietary management software Cloudera Manager, SQL query handling interface Impala, as well as Cloudera Search for easy and real-time access of products. Hortonworks has no proprietary software, uses Ambari for management and Stinger for handling queries, and Apache Solr for searches of data.

Cloudera has a commercial license, while Hortonworks has open source license. 

Cloudera also allows the use of its open- source projects free of cost, but the package doesn’t include the management suite Cloudera Manager or any other proprietary software.

Cloudera has a free 60-day trial, Hortonworks is completely free.

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