Please follow the below steps to set the Static IP:

(i) Go to VPN connections and click on Configure VPN as shown below:

(ii) Now click on Auto Eth1 and click on Edit:

(iii) Now click on IPv4 Settings and Select the Method as Manual.

(iv) Open the Terminal and get the IP address of your VM by giving ifconfig:

(v)  Now change the IP address as shown below: (We have to change only last two digits of IP address, 192.168.1 should be same)

(vi) Now get the Mask address from the terminal and paste it in the Netmask category.

(vii) In Gateway category the first 7 digits should be same according to your IP address and just give .1 after it as shown below:

(vii) Now go to the terminal and give  cat /etc/resolv.conf command and copy the Name server address:

(viii) Paste the Name server address in DNS Servers:

(ix) Now click on Apply. It will ask for the password, give your vm password.

(x) Click on disconnect and connect it again.

(xi) Open the new terminal and give ifconfig, the ip address would be changed.

Please try the above mentioned steps and let us know if you face any issue.