Hadoop Name Node Not Running on CDH3

Problem :  Getting error: Retrying Connect to Server : local host/

When a particular / few of the daemons of Hadoop Cluster is not working, then you would be receiving the error as in the below screenshot.

You can find out which daemon is not running in the cluster based on the port number: or giving 

Command: sudo jps

If port number is 8020 then Namenode is not running, 8021 indicates that the jobtracker is not running.

When you run sudo jps command in terminal, you can see here that the name node is not running.


To Overcome this error we need to unzip the cloudera file to another location and open the cloudera file again.


After that follow the steps to open the Cloudera VM.

Open VM Player -- > Click on Open Virtual Machine -- > Select the Cloudera image file



Note : Don't go for Update or Shut Down for CDH 3. Go For Suspend is preferred.

I hope this will resolve your name node issue.

Please feel free to revert if you need any further help.