Prerequisites: Java should be installed on that machine

To check if Java is installed or not, give 

Command: java -version 

The above command would display the version of java installed on your machine. If not, it would suggest you to install java.

Install Java and then proceed with further steps:

Please follow the following steps to download and install Eclipse in Cloudera/Ubuntu:

1 . Open your Cloudera/Ubuntu and download the eclipse from the below link

2. After it is downloaded, Go to downloads and untar it by Right click -> Extract here 


                           using below command

Command: sudo tar -xvf   /path/to/<eclipse tar file name>


Once extracted open that folder and Click on the rhombus icon launcher to launch eclipse as in the below screenshot.

You may refer to the below recording for the steps to run Map Reduce Program, 

Link for recording :

You may also refer to the solution 'Prerequsites and steps for Running a Map Reduce Program' updated in the Knowledge Base of your LMS in which you can find all the relevant documents in it.

Please feel free to revert to us if you need any further help.