Query: I am trying to run a Map Reduce Program, Can you please let me know what are the prerequisites or the steps to run a MapReduce Program.



Cloudera/Ubuntu/Cent OS where Hadoop is pre-installed and the daemons are running.


Use Case:  Here we are trying  to run a Simple Map Reduce Program for Wordcount.

Wordcount-Project-for-Eclipse - is a Java Project in which the Code/Script of Word Count Program.

WordCountProblem                 - would be the input file for this Map Reduce Program.

Before we run this Map Reduce Program, we need to import the Java Project in your Machine

To run a sample Map Reduce Program, 

  • Import the Java Project into your Eclipse 
  • Adding the External jars (hadoop-0.20.2-cdh3u0-core.jar ) file to the Project
  • Creating a java jar file which is required for running Map Reduce Program.
  • Transfer this jar and input file to Cloudera/Ubuntu/Cent OS using FileZilla/ any SFTP Tool
  • Copy the input file from Local to HDFS using copyFromLocal  Command.
  • Run the Map Reduce Program

Check the output of Map Reduce program in Web UI.

Please refer to the document attached that would guide in performing all the above steps along Screenshots

Please refer to the below link for the recording


Please feel free to revert to hadoop@edureka.in  if you need any further help.