Please try to download Cloudera CDH3 from the below link:


As the cloudera-demo-0.3.7.vmwarevm.tar.bz2 file is too big and due to some connection problem or network issue, we may not able to download it completely.


So I divided this file into several smaller files. (13 Files )

Just Download these files one by one and then start this application.  ie - hjsplit  (given in the dropbox link )

Click on Join, give it location of first file and Output file and it will merge these files.

Note :  Output  file  size will be of 1.26 GB.

This file is a  .rar format file, we have to untar this file using Winrar software. ( Please use Winrar software to untar the file )

Link for Winrar :

After that you can follow the VM installation Guide. ( CDH3 installation recommended in your LMS )

Drop Box link for the Cloudera Splits Files given below.

Link for splits file of  Cloudera :

Please create a free drop box account and try to download all 13 splits files from the above link and follow the document.

Please check that all files should be same size given in the drop box  link. ( 100 MB each files approx )

Please feel free to revert if you need any further help.