Pig version in cloudera vm is mostly old (0.7). Many new utilities has been added to the latest releases and you will need to install the latest version to use these new pig utilities. Below are the steps to install latest PIG version

1) Download pig-0.11.1.tar.gz from http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/apache/pig/
2) Untar the downloaded release at your home directory(cloudera) : tar -xvf pig-0.11.1.tar.gz
3) Rename the untarred file pig-0.11.1 to pig : mv pig-0.11.1 pig
4) Rename the current version of pig at /usr/lib/pig : sudo mv /usr/lib/pig /usr/lib/pig_oldversion
5) Move pig in home directory(cloudera) to /usr/lib : sudo mv pig /usr/lib

Test your pig version using pig -version which should give : Apache Pig Version 0.11.1

NOTE: pig-0.11 may not be the latest version when you are reading this solution. 

Please choose the appropriate version and proceed using the above steps.